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Pressure and chaos often leads to reactionary decisions and negative outcomes. At Kleio, we provide order and strategy amongst the chaos. Our decades of corporate, media and law enforcement experience provide the necessary context to understand what is really happening and why - and to chart a more productive path forward.

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

- Sun Tzu

Communications strategy is inseparable from overall strategy. No decision or statement can be made without considering its public implications; negative press can doom even the best ideas, while positive press can carry a risky bet through to success. For this reason, our clients often involve us in a broad array of strategic decisions including development of business deals, organizational planning and personnel shifts.

When the right path forward is ambiguous, our investigative chops help chart a path through the storm. We test key premises, assess the value of important stakeholders, and identify second- and third-order consequences. We then work with our clients to develop the right strategies, at the right times, given all the resources at our disposal.

In Kleio, you will find a frank and critical, but wholly supportive, partner. We are not afraid to tell our clients when the screws on a plan need to be tightened, or when its consequences have not been fully considered. We pressure-test every decision and statement for the new vulnerabilities it could create and the new opportunities it could unlock. We consider this an integral part of our core objective - defending our client’s assets and interests, both short-term and long.



Kleio digs up, compiles and brings to the strategy a wealth of information on our clients and those who influence their orbits and goals. We speak to an array of influential forces and learn from them. Then we begin to connect the dots and develop options for a far superior path forward. Kleio’s business is based on its highly tuned strategic thinking. Every move is played out steps ahead, outcomes are mapped and weighed so that when we act it is decisive and effective. Our teams are highly specialized and diverse, which allows for creative thinking unlike other firms where prescriptive approaches dictate how issues are handled.

Our team has spent decades operating in highly sensitive environments, and we value discretion, honesty and client  trust  above  all  else.  All  Kleio  partners,  staff  and  contractors  are  the  product  of  multi-year  working  relationships  and  are  retained  for  an  exceptional  track  record  of  accountability  and  integrity  alongside unique, specific skill sets.

Our Pillars +
Our Practice


Data Driven

Every move we make is based on the data we gathered in our investigation. Data and experience inform the strategy we develop for each client. Each client’s approach will be different because it is crafted specifically for them. The strategy is precisely designed to accomplish their identified goals. This is whole process, which we refer to as evidence-based, is made possible by Kleio’s highly skilled team that knows how to get the data and what to do with it.


Collaborative Thinking

Kleio brings the client into the war room, leveraging their assets to protect their vulnerabilities. Kleio works as the client’s teammate, firing up our own networks to get the problems solved. This gives everyone a voice and permission to think freely, which translates into novel solutions and mutually beneficial outcomes for all parties.