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Kleio is not a traditional public relations or crisis management firm. Our evidence-based approach to strategic communications helps clients overcome challenges others can’t or won’t. Our experts develop and implement strategies that influence markets, audiences, and movements on behalf of our clients.

Kleio’s personalized approach follows rigorous protocols and a specialized methodology


Identify goals






Execute Plan

Kleio approaches each engagement with an active, assertive strategy that dispels false narratives while promoting positive, authentic stories.

Day-to-day, we provide communications coaching and strategy independently or alongside your existing resources. We leverage deep media networks to establish truthful, compelling narratives. We help you understand and plan for the near- and long-term consequences of each strategic decision. We bolster private networks, shifting the conversation in your favor. All the while, we monitor for risks and build strategies to contain, mitigate and eliminate them as they emerge.

When crises do hit, we are your protector. We investigate allegations to uncover the truth behind each claim. We hold those making unsubstantiated claims accountable, killing outright falsehoods and placing misrepresentations in proper context. We crowd out this noise with a clear, authentic, positive alternative message. Our approach, rooted in the core principles of old-school journalism, has repeatedly saved our clients from reputational harm.


Our investigative and analytic expertise, and our experience across multiple areas of business and media, supports close engagement and a novel lens. We work with our clients in the utmost confidence, both as a sounding board to address concerns and a stimulant to accelerate progress toward goals.

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Our team pulls from the elite of the investigative world to deliver the data and intel our clients need. The result is rapid, robust solutions to misinformation messes.

Our experience across all forms of media allows us to push compelling, durable narratives quickly into the public square, then build a strategy to make the most of them.