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Crisis Management

When any crisis strikes, time is the most valuable resource and each move matters. Kleio brings the experience and the tools necessary to deliver sound, thoughtful strategy when everything feels acute.

Strategic Solutions

Handling It

Kleio eschews standard practices that encourage individuals under public assault to hide and wilt. We begin by directly investigating the truth of any allegations or inconvenient facts. Our experience in journalism and investigative work helps us quickly and clearly understand who did what, when, why, how, and most importantly how each piece of information matters. With this understanding in hand, we work with our clients to develop a highly tailored approach aligned with their specific objectives. At this stage, we generally set goals beyond the reach of traditional PR - we aim not merely to protect our clients’ reputations from further harm, but to use each crisis as an opportunity to build.

Kleio’s team is closely networked throughout law enforcement, leadership and the modern media environment. We know what gets published and why, and we know most of the people behind each story. We work directly with the individuals controlling the message to mold a bad story into a better one, to clear or kill any falsehoods, and to re-establish a sense of communication and collaboration. We help our clients tell their story through authentic, favorable placement in the places that matter most. We relentlessly defend the true and attack the false. It is, for us, not only what our clients deserve, but what the public deserves.

Traditional Approach

Kleio’s approach