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What our clients say
about us

"Emily stands out as one of the best crisis communications practitioners I’ve worked with. She leapt into a developing communications crisis, appraised the problem and its scope, formulated a strategy and worked with me to resolve the problem. It was complicated, messy and constantly changing. Even still, she always re-evaluated the crisis and adapted as needed. Just as important, her good humor, attention, and coolheadedness put everyone involved at ease. No one wants to be involved in a communications crisis, but when it happens, you’ll want Emily by your side.”

- Public Affairs and Government Relations Executive

“Olivia Pope has nothing on Emily,”

- international celebrity

“The evidence-based approach is everything. It calms the nerves to know what is out there and what can be done about it. Most comms firms don’t do anything like this. It makes all the difference,”

- top ranked defense attorney. 

“I was terrified the reporter was out to get me, and maybe he was, but Emily acted as my spokesperson, got in there and turned it around. I think they actually wrote a completely different story because of how she pushed back and offered them a new way of thinking about me.” 

– philanthropist caught in the crosshairs.

"There is no better person to bring into your fox hole"

- Product Development Officer

Meet Our Clients


Kleio helps unfairly-targeted celebrities take back control of their public image and narrative. We save reputations and help capture opportunities.

Executive Teams

Our rapidly-changing ethical landscape finds many executives vulnerable to changing norms. We identify risk factors within executive teams, investigate all public and private claims thoroughly, and position both individuals and organizations to mitigate future damage.

Hedge Funds

Kleio brings essential human intelligence to the investment world. Our investigations can stress-test key investment hypotheses. Our development work can support fundraising and investor management. Our work with executives helps identify potential risks early so your best people can minimize distractions and maximize returns.

Sports Teams

Sports organizations and their leadership have become some of the most prominent public figures in our society - and so some of the most frequently targeted in the press. Kleio works with leading athletic organizations to anticipate and plan for inevitable media challenges, wherever they may arise from.

Family Issues

Personal challenges surrounding marriage, divorce, custody and similar issues confer massive risks to both individuals and the organizations they serve. Kleio’s methodologies help our clients establish the right strategy for all stakeholders and get each party back at the table.

Private Individuals

Wealthy Americans increasingly face public pressures they are ill-equipped to deal with. Whether these challenges are the result of personal missteps or opportunistic outsiders, Kleio protects your interests, your reputation, your dignity and your agency.


Too many promising political figures are undone by muddled messaging, shoddy communications execution and ineffective strategies to respond to their opponents. We help politicians identify a compelling, authentic narrative and then develop clear plans to get the ears and eyes of your future constituents.


Nonprofits have emerged as some of the most highly scrutinized organizations in our society. Kleio helps leading philanthropic organizations establish a confident public narrative that squashes misguided attacks and augments your core mission.