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Media Response

Kleio knows when to talk, when not to, and what to say when you do. Our team has worked in nearly every facet of media, from network news to daily newspapers, blogs and magazines. We know the information that matters to journalists, and we know how they form their narratives. Our extensive media networks allow us to collaborate with the press on our clients’ behalf - time has shown the best way to kill a bad story is to establish its falsity and provide a more compelling alternative.

As part of our initial client investigation and onboarding, we provide an intensive analysis of existing media coverage across every relevant channel. We speak with press connections to understand attitudes toward our client and how, when and why they developed. This research and these conversations then inform finely-tuned strategies to quickly shift a flagging reputation or expand a growing brand.

The risk of inaction

In today’s media environment, it is harder than ever to “put the genie back into the bottle” and squash a public narrative, however false it may be. A defamation suit against a journalist, while an increasingly popular option, demands an exceptional burden of proof and rarely restores a tarnished reputation. For this reason, we focus our efforts on killing false stories before they run to prevent the damage before it occurs.

Where the typical PR response - hostile and communicative - positions the media as the enemy, we view them as potential allies. We know how journalists work, and we respect good journalistic practice. We present influential individuals with incontrovertible evidence of an alternative narrative. This collaborative approach drives better outcomes for our clients, more quickly, than traditional PR could hope to achieve.

The new reality

Strategic approach

The modern media environment carries the constant specter of “trial by media,” in which a perceived fault - whether true or false - quickly escalates to public calls for justice. We believe the innocent are poorly-served by strategies that encourage them to shrink from the public eye, provide insincere platitudes and tacitly admit guilt. Not only is this approach demonstrably ineffective, but we find it principally misguided and demeaning to the wrongly accused.

At Kleio, we reject superficial storytelling. We learn what makes you special, and understand your true motivations, values and interests. We use this information to craft better stories and more compelling responses. When times are good, we deliver memorable narratives aligned with your objectives - a clear antidote to the generic, forgettable work of traditional communications firms. When times are bad, we find ways to tell your truth and to tell the story that needs to be told. We believe your message matters, and we are here to help you speak it.