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Our Work Process

Kleio forms an individualized approach for each client, informed by a systematic, problem-solving approach.

Identifying Targets

We begin with an honest conversation: What do you want? Balancing personal and professional goals, we define and prioritize an ideal set of outcomes. The experience is often revealing, intimate, and helps our clients establish a sense of control in the face of uncertainty.



An Evidence-Based Approach

Kleio does not dabble in superficial investigations - we bring the truth to light. We employ some of the very best investigators in the world who are able to uncover, analyze and present the crucial information our clients need. Our investigations yield concrete data points and strategies we can use to counter false narratives and establish positivity, authenticity and truth. We foster frank discussions of each client’s vulnerabilities and strengths to understand exactly what needs to be done to manage risks and seize opportunities.

Building the story

We connect our findings with the client’s objectives to craft comprehensive communications strategies. Each risk is tied to a mitigation plan, each opportunity to a series of proactive actions to capture or maximize its value. We map our client’s profile to the public and private channels we will leverage to their benefit.



The Path Forward

Strategy flows into tactics - the specific narratives, angles, conversations and stories we will support, publicly and privately, for our client. Here, Kleio leverages our expertise in media strategy and robust networks across the industry to separate signal from noise and identify the specific actions yielding the greatest impact.

Getting it Done

Working alongside our client’s existing resources, or entirely independently, Kleio provides hands-on execution support. We provide the coaching, connections, and positioning necessary to bolster our clients’ reputations and relationships.



Maintaining Your Advantage

After the fires are extinguished, the fund complete, the election won or the business sold, we develop new goals, assess new risks, and create a new strategy to build on this momentum. We continue working with our clients at a level of intensity commensurate with their needs. We encourage and advise our clients to pursue projects that build their personal and corporate brands and maintain control of the public narrative. We help answer the “what next”, “why” and “how” that often lingers after a crisis so each client can move forward with confidence and poise.