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At Kleio, investigation is in our blood. We bring decades of experience gathering, organizing and analyzing reams of real-world and digital evidence. Wherever the key insights lay, we are committed to finding them, then using this informational advantage to support our clients.Our team includes leaders in domestic and international investigations, detective work, corporate analytics and relationship analysis. The best story is rarely obvious, and at Kleio we take the time to understand the facts first.

“You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.”

- Winston Churchill

Knowing what matters and what doesn’t is the key to successfully pursuing our goals. Kleio’s expert team capitalizes on decades of experience combing through research and data, conducting interviews, and developing sources.



We expect a frank discussion with our clients, and our clients expect piercing insights from us. We dig beyond the obvious interpretation of each problem or opportunity to understand the full set of stakeholders, their motivations and the assets at their disposal. Through interviews, third-party data sources, and direct, on-the-ground investigative work, we uncover the truth behind each allegation, vet each business thesis, and establish truth.

Our investigations provide our clients the certainty and confidence they need to plan and respond to pressures and opportunities. Our findings directly inform the strategies, guidance and support we provide throughout each engagement.